When I’m stressed I take a day off and I go to La Défense , the spectacular Paris financial district, in order to take architecture shots of its ultra-modern buildings.
I must confess that it’s my favorite playground in town!

I had a wonderful time shooting just for fun (as I try to do at least once a week). I want photography to be a pleasure for me every single day, if one day it will start to be a trap I will stop it immediately. Which is the advantage of running a business instead of working for somebody else if you are not able to keep the fun in it?

I left my big boring company job because I wanted more quality of life and even if being an entrepreneur it’s not easy I have clear in mind that I’m not creative when I’m worried or I feel overwhelmed. I’m not in a business mode 7/7. I have a life. I have hobbies. I have friends and family.

For my architecture photography and street photography are my valve of escape, my zen moments. I shoot just when something inspires me, I shoot just for myself.
You can find a selection of my «zen moments» in my instagram feed @ZENPHOTOGRAPHER or HERE.

Once at home I decided to backup the images to my pc (I’m a little paranoid on this point. I always backup my images even if it’s 3am).

You can imagine my surprise when I discovered that 17/18 pictures were missing. They were the best shots of the day, something I was very proud of.

I probably deleted them by mistake. My card was full and I wanted to stay out a little bit more so I decided to delete some pics directly on camera.

(Sometimes I’m a big idiot. Sometimes I’m an immense idiot. Sometimes I’m the bigger idiot in all the universe and in all the galaxy).

Good news: photo recovery is easy
Bad news: I spent hours trying every FREE recovery software in the market until I was lucky enough to find the one that worked.

Since I still feel guilty as penitence I’ve decided to write a quick tutorial in order to help you to recover your images.
I used a free software, EASE US that allows you to recover up 1giga for free, it’s worth giving it a try!

Just to be clear, I do not receive money from EASE US in order to promote their softwares.

Ease Us did what other programs failed to do and this is why I strongly recommend it. Believe me but I was desperate and I felt at the point of having a panic attack.

If it happened to you just think that if you do not overwrite your data and you do not format your card you have good possibilities to recover your pictures.

Don’t panic and follow my tutorial!

1: Download EASE US here!

2: Select the type/s of lost files: graphics.

If you are not sure select “all file types”


easy photo recovery babies newborn family Rochester portraiture


  • Select a location (or a partition) to start finding data. In my case my CF card is NikonD700 G
  • Select SCAN and cross your fingers!

easy photo recovery babies newborn family Rochester portraiture

3 Once your scan completed you should be able to see your files just select “recover” and save them where you want.

easy photo recovery babies newborn family Rochester portraiture

4 The only limit is that there is a 1GB limit, if you need to recover more files you have to upgrade (and pay).

Up to 1GB it’s free! Form me it was enough, thanks EASE US!

easy photo recovery babies newborn family Rochester portraiture